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Transmission Service

In the unfortunate event of your transmission giving you issues or blowing out, our expert technicians are seasoned in transmission repair and rebuild. If your motorcycle, ATV, Side by side or other powersport unit is having transmission problems, drop it off with our Clawson Motorsports Service Department and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Transmission Service includes:

  • Repair & Service
  • New & Rebuilt Transmissions
  • Driveline Maintenance & Repair
  • Axle Replacement
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Differential Service & Repair

What happens if:

If you have noticed any issues when shifting gears, there might be something wrong with your transmission. The more you ride, your bike will be subjected to more and more wear and tear. Two possible problems are worn bearings or worn gears. This wear can cause a gap between the gear teeth. If this is the case, you will hear a clashing and grinding noise when you shift. This should be a sign to take your bike into Clawson Motorsports Service Department. You will want to address this right away as it can cause bigger and more damaging issues that will lead to expensive repairs.

You may also have a damaged shift mechanism. This is a drum shaped part and spring loaded. The spring can wear overtime. If it does, it can lead to risk of transmission failure due to friction from the shift forks.

A bent shift fork or slider could also be the problem. If the shift fork is bent, it can potentially cause binding in the slider when you shift. This often affects only one year at a time. So, just because your other gears are working properly, doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue.

If any of these issues are occurring, stop by Clawson Motorsports and our expert technicians will execute a thorough inspection to ensure your transmission is in great working order. We look forward to seeing you and helping you get back on the road!

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