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How To Detail Your Bike

You have invested in a bike that you love, and it is important to keep it performing and looking it’s best. It’s also a crucial first step if you have decided to sell your motorcycle, since a spotless-clean bike will get more eyes, and most likely sell quicker and for the price you are looking for. Most important, if you are detailing your bike on a regular basis, it may give you the opportunity to discover mechanical problems that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Always start your cleaning with a cool bike, and in the shade!

Pre-wash your bike

  • Use a simple garden hose to spray down the lower sections of the bike to remove the largest dirt particles and prevent scratching.
  • Use a high quality microfiber cloth and motorcycle wash detergent  (S-100) to gently clean all hard surfaces of your bike, then rinse.  Do not use dishwashing detergents as these contain harsh chemicals. In the Parts Department at Clawson Motorsports we also carry manufacturer Cleaning Kits along with the motorcycle wash S-100.

Clean your wheels

  • Since your wheels and spokes are made from different materials, use the soap and a mild tire cleaner to remove any oils from the tire dressings and road film. Once the wheels are dry, polish them and protect your rims.
  • Polish the chrome with a fine chrome polish and then wax to keep the shine

Clean the dash and controls

  • Your motorcycle dash has different surfaces and electrical parts that you do not want to get wet if possible. At Clawson Motorsports we recommend using a cleaner that provides UV protection for your plastics both clear and colored. This will also work well on the plexiglass windshield. See Clawson Motorsports Parts Department for manufacturer suggested products as well as aftermarket products like; SC1 by Maxima, Belray Silicone Detailer and Plexus.

Clean your engine

  • This depends on how dirty your engine is . You may just need a quick once over with a soft bristle brush and bike wash soap during the initial washing, or you may need a degreaser for those tough jobs.
    • Engine must be cool and in the shade
    • Instructions for engine specific cleaning compounds should be followed closely.
    • Highly corrosive compounds can damage other parts of a motorcycle including the paint, chrome, leather, or cloth. Read all instructions before cleaning, and follow them.

Polish the Chrome

  • As with all other cleaning, Chrome should be polished in a shaded area , and in a cool, non humid environment.
  • Chrome Polishing should be done twice. This provides better results, and to extend the life of the polishing job, it is a good idea to add a quick coat of wax.

Leather treatment

The leather on your bike can vary greatly; from a natural aniline leather, to a coated leather or a very high quality vinyl that feels like leather. All these require different leather care. The goal is to keep your seat looking new for a long time , so a good cleaning and protecting with a non-stick protectant should do the job for you.

Drying your motorcycle

Motorcycles have many nooks and crannies so an easy and safe way to dry your motorcycle is with an air hose or heated dryer. The heated dryer provides you with high pressure filtered air so you can be sure that you are getting your bike completely dry. Visit Clawson Motorsports Parts Department to check out our heated dryer. It’s a great tool, and If you miss anything , just take a soft microfiber towel to finish drying your bike.

Paint Sealant

At Clawson Motorsports we know that the paint on your motorcycle should be treated differently than the paint on your car. Depending on condition of the paint on your motorcycle, you may just need a light claying and polish followed by wax or sealant. If your paint has been neglected you may need to machine compound before polishing and waxing.

At Clawson Motorsports we know that detailing your motorcycle takes some time, but be patient. Your efforts will pay off and you will be rewarded with a well-maintained bike that will turn heads.

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